And I’m sure it gets better…

This morning, a friend said it best…

I feel like hematopoesis is a good way to describe medical school….
in undergrad we were myeloblast: we thought we wanted to be doctors, so we became committed to the cause
now we are promylocytes: we are already $40,000 in debt, committe…d to being doctors, now we have to survive first year.
2nd year: you know you can do this… start having to differentiate what you want to do your rotations in and you have to pass boards to move on. The cell has decided okay this is what I am going to be…. do I have all the right stuff.
3rd year/Metamylocyte: you are developing, you might have changed size and shape in the meantime of going through school, but you are pretty sure what your end goal is going to be by the end of 4th year.
4th year/Neutrophil/Eosinophil/Basophil: you know what you are going to be, have all the right stuff, pass your boards, make sure the macrophages know what you are…. you are a granulocyte or a doctor…


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2 Responses to And I’m sure it gets better…

  1. Duh. What’s up doc? Blessings to you as you wade through med school…

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