monday’s not real anymore.

At my school, Monday is test day. In undergrad, I thought that Monday tests were like a cruel joke… but now I couldn’t be more appreciative. The weekend is the only time we have to buckle down and make sense of this crazy medical education. I’ve said it often… but  Friday really is the new Monday.

This weekend, like the last four, was spent in a breakout room with my study group. Without those girls, I don’t know what I would do… probably procrastinate a whole lot more and live with a bit more panic…

And the hard work finally paid off today. I just walked out of a biochem exam feeling like I had accomplished something. Finally something real, tangible… a feeling of accomplishment.

This is in complete contrast to the last few exams I’ve had… where it seems that no matter how hard you study and how many dreams you have about being chased by a crazy cell…

Now it’s time to catch up…

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