friday’s the new monday.

So week three is drawing to a close. Already? Unbelievable.

Yesterday was our first exam. Biochemistry. Let me just say… med students are intense about testing. I assumed this before, but now I really understand. Just one more way I’m different.

I felt pretty prepared for the exam. I know I missed a few, but I think passed. That’s all that matters. And now I know what to do next time.

Moving on…

Anatomy test on Monday; I’m pretty much terrified. I couldn’t be more grateful for the long weekend.

This morning I read this on KevinMD, and completely understood. I shared it on Facebook, highlighting the four main points:

1.  Medical school is hard.
2. Half the battle is knowing where to be and when to be there.
3.  Medical students are cool people.
4.  Not a lot of “medicine” is learned in the first semester.

One of my very favorite people in the world replied with his won list:

1. Haley’s harder (tougher)
2. you are the paramount of punctuality
3. I know one med student who’s pretty cool
4. The only “medicine” you need to learn how to use is laughter

Now I’m pretty sure I can conquer this weekend.

On another note, my mom is taking me to lunch today. I’ve never been more excited about spending an hour with someone.

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  1. Great beginning!

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