This spread of farmer’s market goods is remarkable for a number of reasons.

Chiefly, I have a cold. During the hottest week of the summer. I know, right? Colds do funny things to my sense of self and my ability to act reasonably.

I was determined to make it to the market this morning, though. I haven’t done anything this week, and I needed some produce, dangit.

So after Jacob left for work this morning, I worked really hard to keep myself awake and motivated. Around 7:45, I slapped twenty dollars in my pocket and flew out the door, tissues in had.

Stopped by the store for some dayquil, cause that’s how I roll these days. Girl’s got needs.

Got to the market just as it opened. Strolled through comparing produce and prices and whatever else I thought I was doing. Finally decided on some tomatoes, reached in my pocket… and found no happy twenty dollar bill.

I might have panicked a little. I mean… this is why I don’t carry cash! I was sure that I had pulled my money out with my snotty tissue and made some losers day.

I thought about retracing my steps at the store.The cold medicine was starting to kick in.

Got into my car and suddenly remembered that I had been a part of a fashion crisis moments before leaving my apartment… and my money was laying in the pocket of my disregarded shorts.

So I cruised home, got my cash, returned to the market and rocked it.

So… adventure, 19 dollars in produce, cold medicine, nap, amazing soup.

Did I mention we’re in the hottest week of the summer? It felt like 106 outside and my crazy self was making corn chowder. And it was… AMAZING.

No joke. Best. Soup. Ever.

Such a successful day.

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One Response to haul

  1. You make me want to tag along. And I like corn chowder, too. You can keep the cold. Ha!

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