still the same

I was gone for so long. A whole week without my friend. I missed him a lot… but it I had an amazing time.

Off to DC for a whirlwind couple of days. AmeriCorps National AIDS Fund End-of-Service. Good time. Good people. Exhausting. I gave a speech and was able to effectively pare down my year to 5 minutes. We had a graduation of sorts and then took to the streets of DC.

Next, off to Baltimore for a few days. Stayed in a very familiar place. I love that city. No phone, no plans. I saw some old friends, investigated some new places, and had a blast. Went down the Potomac in a leaking tube. True story.

Then back to Tulsa for 24 hours. Down to my hometown with no air conditioning and a smelly dog. Dropped him off to be neutered, hung out with my sister, went to a concert. I understand now why it was so important for me to get out of that town.

And finally home last night. Had a great dinner and then to bed by 8pm. I couldn’t even lie about it.

You know, I had some reservations regarding my dog. I mean… who am I to abandon him for a week, whisk him off to a foreign place to remove body parts, and then make him ride in an AC-free car on the hottest day of the summer? I’m a terrible dog momma. I could understand if he hated me for a little while. Give me the silent treatment or something…

But this is how we slept through the morning. Good, happy, puppy sleep.

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2 Responses to still the same

  1. Pets are the essence of forgiveness. I’m not sure they “get it”. It matters not. They love us with unreserved tenacity. My mother had a cat for several years. She died with cancer. He stopped eating and died shortly thereafter.

    • doforyou says:

      I agree completely. I feel so lucky to have my boys. They always seem to make the room feel a little brighter.

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