robodog, activate.

I sure do love these boys.

They may make life a little more complicated, and they may wreak havoc on my carpet, but I love them.

And some days, you really just need some good puppy love.

Having two energetic pit bulls can be quite an adventure. It was a bit easier when Neko was small… sure he wanted to play, but he could only do so much damage. And Yogi was a good big brother. He played with just the right amount of power and put Neko in place when he went to far. Now that Neko outweighs Yogi, their playtime is a little more rowdy.

These two must not have gotten the “you need to be vicious” memo…

I was trying to take pictures of the boys playing yesterday, but with low light, it was difficult to get clear shots without flash. I’m glad I turned my flash on, though… this result is priceless.

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