i just woke up from the strangest dream…

My mom and I were in the car, and I had just woken up after a long long drive. We were arriving at our destination, and couldn’t tell if it was 5:12 in the morning or 5:12 in the evening. It was dark… sun just coming up.

The place was weird… It looked like Alamosa a little… ringed by mountains. I was trying to perch on a ladder and take photos of the horizon, but I couldn’t get it all… and then I fell off the ladder and started slipping on a sheet of ice.

Someone tried to help me get up, and alerted me that I had caused someone who was ice fishing to lose almost all of their fish… mind you, it looked like we were in the desert. I tried to apologize profusely to the fisherman. He told me that it was ok… he lost fish all the time and had still made a nice haul.

At this point, someone stuck my head in a bucket of water… when I woke up, I was gasping for air.

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