I might need a hobby.

Just being real here… things are getting bad.

I’m obsessed with this puppy in a bad, bad way. I can’t find time to take pictures of anything else these days. Just him.

His belly is so pink, it’s cruel. His paws smell delicious. I’m sorry… but it’s true. His ears? Simply too much.

He likes all of my music. We enjoy similar activities… sleeping, eating, playing, drooling. We have a lot of the same friends. We share similar routines.

And he loves me unconditionally. He doesn’t judge me when I lose my mind. He comes when I call him. He nuzzles me when I can’t sleep. He alerts me to danger. He doesn’t complain too much.

He’s an optimist. His cup is always full… even if it’s tiny.

I would have been lost this week without my NekNek. Absolutely lost.

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2 Responses to obsessed

  1. Kalyn says:

    I could sit around all day and smell Bailey’s scruff/paws… some people might call us weird, but really we’re just lucky.

    Okay.. maybe a little weird, but really lucky, too.

    • doforyou says:

      We’re 100% lucky. Those people just don’t know the magic that a puppy makes. : )

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