but the ocean is full of fish!

… or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

We’ve reached an impasse, friend. I see no way to bargain myself out of the hole we’ve dug. It’s too deep… and the walls are falling in on us.

I felt like you were filibustering last night. I’ve never been so frustrated. The world is black and white. Either you do or you don’t! Gray areas are for cowards. Do you strongly agree or strongly disagree?

Love is like a band-aid, friend. It protects you. It allows you to heal and to become stronger. If you leave it on too long, though, bad things start to happen. It may bond to you and never let you go. If you get it wet, it will make you gray and pruny… or maybe that one only applies to actual band-aids.

So we’ve reached the point where we need to decide. Do we pack up and move on or do we stay the course and hope that things get better? There’s no right or wrong… so just pick one. Low road, high road… one of us is bound to make it to Scotland.

No? Maybe Scotland’s a little far fetched.

And so we cried and reminisced and screamed and longed… and where did that get us aside from a groggy morning? Did we accomplish anything? Did we give up and pick the easiest option? I was exhausted. I couldn’t have continued.

This morning, I showered and was on my way to start fresh in the world. Fate… or possibly my negligence… lead me to doubt this new and improved adventure. When I saw the message, my poorly mended heart broke again. It might have even shattered. This is bigger. This is confusing. This is not what I expected.

And so now I have a decision to make. Do I tell you? Do I let you go on thinking that you got off the hook? You’re just a fish, right? And so am I. And I hear that there are others out there that we can befriend. So really, this isn’t all that special.

So I have my argument… copied, collated, stapled and highlighted with the happiest shade of pink. Do I hand it over or do I log it away somewhere deep and dark? Do I hand it over and demand answers or do I marinate in the unknown?

It might be time to go fishing.

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2 Responses to but the ocean is full of fish!

  1. Kalyn says:

    Thinking about you- dawg.


  2. doforyou says:

    Oh, thank you. Send your positive energy my way. : )

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