sweeping down the plains.

Dear Oklahoma… You’re really pretty. I wish more people knew this about you. I think your beauty is under appreciated.

I’m glad I came back to you. I really am. I know I had my doubts about you…

You really put me through a lot last week.

I know it’s spring, but can we hold back on the storms a little? Let people get a breath before you pound them again. It’s just an idea. The storms were beautiful, but maybe it was too much too soon.

I saw a lot of you last week. Your roads could use some work, but your scenery can’t be beat.

And then I spent some time in prison. I don’t know that I can really talk about that yet… but I’m going to another prison this week… maybe I’ll do some contrast & compare.

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One Response to sweeping down the plains.

  1. Kalyn says:

    I miss the pretty Oklahoma drives. Arkansas drives are pretty, too… but they’re really curvy, so it’s hard to enjoy the prettiness when driving.

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