we can get along.

I just woke up from a delicious mid-day nap.

At the very end of this nap, I was having a weird dream. In the dream, I work with a group of people… I might be a news caster? It is many, many years in the future, but I am still my current age. I think Betty White is one of my co-workers. I know, right?

Someone is buying the land that I grew up on and converting it to a wildlife habitat for elephants and another type of animal that I can’t recall. We are pissed, I think, that they took this land for such bizarre use. Apparently, Juniper Point is a fabulous place to raise animals once the climate changes.

Because we will be reporting on this story from the lake front, my coworkers and I order bathing suits. I wash my suits and hung them out to dry.

Cut to the next scene – My coworkers and I (Betty White included) are sitting around a picnic table in our swimsuits. I look around and realize that some guy is wearing my bikini top and talking about how good it would look on his wife.

Here’s where the dream gets strange…

I make  a conscious decision that I would rather wake up than confront this guy about his poor clothing choice… so I wake up.

Apparently, I can’t confront people… even in the dream world.

le sigh.

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