exhaustion is good.

I’ve heard that a tired pit bull is a happy pit bull. I couldn’t agree more.

Today was Neko’s first trip to the dog park. We went to the park inside Hunter Park. I was really impressed. We will definitely become regulars.

Being the proud person of two rowdy pit bulls is a unique experience. Everyone who meets my boys falls in love with them.  They are sweet and intelligent and patient and strong. They love wholly and unconditionally. Still, I feel like I’m working PR for the breed.

I even had to convince my mom that I wasn’t crazy. Why would a girl want two “inherently vicious” animals in her life?

Right… vicious. Exhibit A? Neko played with dogs and humans of all shapes, sizes and colors today. He had fun.

And his sleepy park-drunk face is all the evidence I need.

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