will to be

I’m so over you, Monday.

This weekend was a whirlwind. (Out of this world) concert Thursday night. Up early Friday to drive the crew down to McAlester for Yogi’s 9am appointment with the neuterer. Back home Saturday afternoon to attempt to find the clean apartment we used to have. Sunday started early with a clean bathroom and kitchen, piles of laundry, and a broken blender.

I broke a blender. That makes two so far this year. I give up. Thankfully, Kohl’s took it as a return. I’m going to stick to my sweet immersion blender for now. Maybe I can save up for a fancy blender that won’t explode while blending enchilada sauce.

The enchiladas were out of this world. Totally worth the dead blender.

Planted a few more plants on my cramped little balcony. The count – two tomatoes, three jalapeños, a couple eggplants, basil, nasturtiums, two strawberries and a ton of lettuce. This might just be a good season.

Dinner, dishes, dogs.

Passed out by 9:30.

And now it’s Monday?

I give up.

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