how does your garden grow?

My garden grows quite well! Thanks for asking!

This lily is currently the highlight of my balcony garden. I feel a little guilty showcasing it, though. I’ve done little more than water, ignore and admire it. And it has the nerve to reward me with a plethora of gorgeous blooms. Must. love. nature.

And if we’re going to be completely honest here, this lovely lily wasn’t even my idea. The wonderful J brought it home and put it into a lovely pot while I was in Colorado. Good choice, friend.

I spent a large portion of my groggy pre-tea morning communing with this lily and it’s grandeur. Absolutely breathtaking.

Have I mentioned that groggy pre-caffeine me is easily entertained? Now you know.

Maybe once the blooms are spent, I will pay attention to my other plants…

This is my poor man’s attempt at an upside down hanging garden. I’m pretty impressed with the results so far. I have three hanging planters – two tomatoes and a jalapeno. On top of the tomatoes, I sowed spinach and romaine seeds. Two and a half weeks later, this tomato is still confused… but the spinach sure looks happy.

I planted seeds these the weekend before I left for Colorado. When I came home, J told me that he had attended to my plants as requested, but that he and a friend had spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what was sprouting from my tomatoes. One hypothesis was that birds had dropped seeds into the planters. Thankfully they didn’t mistake the seedlings for weeds and pull them out!

My nasturtiums and basil are doing well in their new home.

Here are a few more seedlings waiting for a new home.

Please ignore the eggplant seedlings while they languish in their tiny peat pot. That’s what I’ve been doing, and they seem to be taking it in stride.

I really should transplant them. Maybe that will be my evening task.

All in all, I’m pleased with my small space garden. I’ll see how this year goes, and hopefully I’ll be able to plant more next year!

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