Life of Neko, or How to Deal with Siblings.

When sleep calls, you must answer. If a comfy bed or lap is nearby… score! I mean, even a little forgotten laundry on the floor can be a welcome spot for a nap.

There are times when these luxuries just aren’t available, and even the most energetic puppies need to sleep. Enter Neko. On the ride back from a weekend at his country estate, Neko heard Mr. Sandman knocking. So it was, in the back seat of a truck, on a ratty blue towel, all too close to his big brother, Neko passed out.

To be fair, Neko had a hard weekend. He tended to 10 acres of wide open land. He chased kittens. He trimmed the hedges… with his teeth. He rolled in mud. He pulled weeds. He had to deal with his brother AND his two cousins – the giant lab and the tiny chihuahua. By the time we drove home, the little guy could barely keep his eyes open.

And so he slept. He slept hard and without care for the tail drooped over his face or the spit dribbling from his tongue. He slept like he was getting paid.

Yogi, of course, took this as an opportunity to humiliate and generally assault Neko. It’s like Yogi was yelling, “Look, guys! The baby has a mustache!”

I feel for Yogi. I have a little sister. I know what if feels like to no longer get all of the attention from your people. It sucks. Humiliation is often the best retaliation.

But really, Yogi? This crosses the line.

And so what do you do if you are a hapless puppy in an uncomfortable situation? What do you do when the humiliation is too much to bear?

You shake it off!

And then you make your photog feel guilty about not taking action. Really, really guilty.

Those puppy eyes are filled with animosity.

And then you settle back into your comfy place and resume your appointment with the Winkin, Blinkin & Nod.

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2 Responses to Life of Neko, or How to Deal with Siblings.

  1. The Mother says:

    You are such a lovely writer.

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