spring saves

The sun is shining down, the birds are singing and we’re going to be just fine.

I had lost faith in spring. Winter dragged on for an eternity. I knew spring had forgotten about me.

But it’s here now.

I’ve started my patio garden. The basil and nasturtiums are sprouting. Soon will be the strawberries and the tomatoes and the eggplants. Oh yeah.

And then there’s this peace lily. My mom gave it to me, and I immediately damaged it with the Oklahoma heat. For months, I tried to nurse this poor thing back to health. Finally, I was done. But as I took the decimated plant out of its container, I noticed one happy sprig that needed a chance. I lovingly planted it in a tiny little pot and hoped for the best.

Three weeks later, this is the happiest little plant I’ve ever known. It’s even sprouting new little happy plants. Thanks, spring.

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