keep on the sunny side

I never pegged myself as an optimist. I can find the downside of any situation.

I’m a worst case scenario type of girl. Sure… maybe I’ll make it up these stairs without a problem, or I could make it halfway up these steps and then trip, knockout eight of my teeth and break my cell phone.

Weird shit happens, man.

I’ve recently found out that life sucks if you live all doom and gloom style. Maybe it’s the change in weather, but I am starting to feel like things are looking up!

So, yeah… maybe the puppy ate my favorite pair of flip flops. That sucks. But maybe this was the puppy’s way of telling me to act like a big girl and get rid of your nasty ass sandals that you’ve been wearing since high school.

I’ve been all freaked out about money lately… the AmeriCorps stipend is somewhat limiting. Yeah, I wish I could get that stand mixer I’ve been drooling over. It would be nice to be able to drive a new(er) car. I would like to be able to afford plane tickets to visit people I love. But after I put all of the gimmes away, I can appreciate what I have. I have a (small) check deposited into my checking account twice a month because someone believes that my work is important. I can buckle down and appreciate my financial situation, because I know that someday it will be different. Forget that… I can appreciate my situation because I know that I am able to put good food in our bellies and gas in my car. That is something that many can only dream of right now. Thank you, optimism.

I pass by this building every time I drive to my hometown. This little, run down building should probably be torn down… You can see through it. And it’s probably worthless and probably infested with gross things that give me the heebie jeebies. But that happy yellow sign is so encouraging! Some day soon, you will be able to fulfill your quasi-ethnic hunger needs here.

That’s gotta count for something.

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