burn it down

The Adams Girls know how to have a good time.

It all started after a quality trip to the Wal-marts. We spotted a giant cloud of smoke across the city. Now, we could have just ignored it. We should have just ignored it. But that’s not what our dad taught us to do. He hunts out fires… and this one looked to be a biggun.

So we drove across town, and into Old Town. The smoke billowed from behind a hill we couldn’t pinpoint. Maybe it was off of hwy 113. Maybe it was over in Indianola. We kept pursuing it.

We turned down some unnamed road off of old hwy 69. We climbed in my little Kia to the top of the hill, turned the corner, and there it was… a “smoke ahead” sign. That could only mean one thing – controlled burn.

But we pressed on. We drove through the smoke. H snapped some pictures. We turned around and drove home to make a delicious dinner.

That’s just how we roll.

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