about last night

Last night, we went to see YMSB at my very favorite venue. The music was loud, the crowd was moving, and a good time was had by all. Today, I do have some thoughts for my fellow concert goers.

To the couple dancing like fools,
You two are adorable. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Eventually, we’ll dance with you.

To the wall of tall people standing in front of me,
Wow. You guys are tall. Like… really tall. How on earth did you get that tall? What kind of vitamins did I miss out on when I was growing? Also, how did you tall people find each other? Was it a tall people convention somewhere? You guys seemed friendly, but I couldn’t really see much. Maybe next time you can turn around and offer to put me on your shoulders so that I may also enjoy the visual component of the concert. Just an idea.

To the attractive couple with the dreadlocked little girl,
Your family gave off a good vibe. Although I would like to know more about the circumstances that led to your daughter’s hairstyle, I would like to let you know that she’s really cute. I think my childhood would have been much happier if my parents had let me decide upon an alternative coif. I can’t tell you the number of times my loving mother threatened to smack me in the head with a brush if I didn’t stop whining. I also appreciate your dedication to your young daughter. She was on someone’s shoulders the entire night… blond dreads bobbing above the crowd. I hope she remembers that night and how cool her parents were.

For the record, concerts my favorite venue for people watching.

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