some kind of virus?

I found this in a 7th grade science class. All the information on the poster indicates that the focus of the project was on Hepatitis. I tend to like Happyitis better. It sounds like a virus that might improve your disposition.

I spent two days in the 7th grade. Two. Solid. Days. It was more painful than I had expected.

7th graders are awkward. Real awkward. I spotted a few girls who reminded me of my pitiful 7th grade self. I had a strong urge to run up to them, grab them by the shoulders and tell them that everything will get better in a couple years. I promise. You will figure out what to do with your hair. You will learn the value of your intelligence. You will rise above and do something fabulous. You will find jeans that fit. You will find someone who loves you and your eccentricities. You will realize that those other girls aren’t nearly as cool as they seem. Just wait.

That said, I would not return to 7th grade for all the money in the world. I cringe just thinking about it.

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