lovely lovely lovely

I fall in love with this skyline every morning as I drive to work. I think the city looked especially lovely this morning as it faced the impending ice storm. I’m ready. Bring on the ice.

Tuesday, I went to the Complex Dialogues on Female Incarceration in Oklahoma. Very interesting. We incarcerate women at twice the national rate. Nearly 70% of those women are non-violent offenders. Collectively, they are mothers to over 7,000 children. Many are first time offenders. Half are incarcerated for drug charges. Representatives from Women in Recovery shared their heartbreaking stories. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and could probably start up a pretty good rant… but I’ll wait.

Last night, I watched the State of the Union. I was genuinely impressed. Obama cleared the the air on several hot issues and challenged both parties. He looked good… like he’s gotten into the presidential groove and is ready to kick some ass. I liked.

And so now I’ll sit back and wait for this storm to come in. Some are predicting the worst, others are thinking this will all blow over. I roasted a chicken last night… just in case.

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One Response to lovely lovely lovely

  1. This photo really moved me. I like how you said it was right before an ice storm. You have such a gift. I went to my first photography class this week – it was pretty intimidating, but I hope I can some day take some photos as good as yours…!

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