year one.

It was one year ago today when changed happened. I sat on the floor in J’s living room and watched with tears in my eyes as he was sworn in. I ached to be a part of the swarming mass freezing in the streets of D.C.

I knew that the change would not be immediate. It never is. But I also felt hopeful that we were heading in the right direction. And now a year has passed and I still feel the same sense of pride when I look at him. I know that eventually, we will overcome and achieve all that we’ve promised. Again, it will take time. A lot of time. And hard work and dedication and pain. I understand that he is only a piece of the puzzle. It will take negotiation and – although we aren’t seeing much of it now – cooperation. Eventually, though.

And when I turned on the news this morning, while sulking around my apartment and reheating oatmeal, I heard a review of him – year one. Who knows if it’s sensationalism or disappointment or downright truthiness, but the year in review was less optimistic than I had hoped. I’m not sure that I believe what I hear. There must be something wrong. Did we elect him thinking that he would find the big green switch, activate the utopiascope and we’d magically be out of the woods? I mean, sure… we all had some small hope that something magical would happen. But did we really lose sight of reality to such a degree that the past year cannot be looked at in a favorable light? The economy sucks. The wars suck. Health care and the madness that comes from trying to fix it suck. The government’s lack of bipartisanship and apparent humanity sucks. Beyond that, though, what’s wrong?

There are big things going on right now and we have to figure out how to deal with them. Together. The end.

It looks like hundreds of thousands of Haitians are dead. Hundreds of thousands. No shit. Dead.

Each and every year, more than 600,000 babies are born HIV-positive. Ninety percent of them are born in Africa. Completely preventable.

A sixth of the world’s population lacks access to clean water.

So they want to play it out and make it seem that year one has been a disaster. There’s a lot on his plate right now. I say we give it another year or two before we really throw stones.

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