random bouts with greatness

me: i’m consolidating.

she: …y?

me: cause i i i… i’m so hard. also, because i have to much stuff… but that doesn’t sound as cool.

she: yea, def not. so. that’s crazy because i have absolutely nothing to do today…

she: or tomorrow or the next day. ck went to kentucky.

me: uh… wanna come to tulsa and clean out my closets?

me: kentucky? freak.

she: he is going to see one of his friends that is being diploid..

she: no thanks.. how about a tattoo instead? lol

me: diploid? do you even know what that means? i think you mean deployed.

she: ha ha yeah. well, i spelt it like deployed, but the computer said it was wrong so i used the spell check and it spelt it like diploid

moral of the story: i tend to love my little sister a lot… even if she doesn’t know what diploid means.

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