life in haiku

Strange and wonderful
are words to describe this day.
Cold is another.

I’ve been quite busy,
but that’s really no excuse
to neglect my blog.

I was accepted
and sent in my deposit.
OSU next fall.

Worry consumed me,
I never thought I’d get in.
They have no idea.

Got other ones too –
success at all interviews.

Now that it’s over,
I am feeling much better.
Time to refocus.

Here at the Red Cross,
I’m loving every minute.
Prevention is key.

It is quite strange to
work in the HIV field.
Condoms in fruit bowl.

I’ve met so many
beautiful and passionate

I like being close
to parents and friends.
Tulsa’s marvelous.

I miss my sister.
Colorado is too cold.
She’ll be back home soon.

Last night for dinner,
the foodie inside was shocked –
devilled eggs and toast.

Nobel Prize today.
Obama praised for his peace,
he defends “just war.”

Senator Inhofe
thinks scientists are liars.
Must hate polar bears.

I’m so very glad
I learned to count syllables.
Makes this so easy…

I guess it’s now time
to stop and do some real work.
Change won’t just happen.

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