the light just keeps flashing

There are so many things I want to say. I want to do everything. Then things come up. I forget. I move on. I don’t check my voicemail. I don’t write about important things. Time to move on.

I had my first interview yesterday. LECOM-Bradenton.

The day went well. First to interview at 8:00. Exhausted and energized all at once. They asked me the normal questions. One interviewer asked me if I knew what “privileged immunity” means. I told him I had no idea and then went on to guess, sure to inject my social awareness. Pretty foolish. Could have been worse. Our rapport felt pretty genuine.

After, I sat in on a PBL class. They were working on an AIDS case, of course. The group had a great dynamic. I think I would do well with that type of curriculum. I like being part of a group, and the integration would be so useful.

I’m impressed with LECOM. My OSU interview is on Thursday. For a number of reasons, OSU is my top choice. I’m interested to see if OSU can outshine its competitors.

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